I want to build a very little loco for maneuver in a private factory (one or two cars max).
In my project, I can't use the protocab battery (too large) and the charging unit but I can put à LCU with a micromotor (9mm diameter voltage 0.1 to 5 volts) 

My question is : can I use this little battery (see link below) with the LCU and without the charging unit (I will disconnect the battery of the LCU to charge it on a special charging unit)?

Thanks for your help.
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First of all, our apologies for the delay in replying to you and thank you for your interesting enquiry. I have to give you a more complicated answer than just 'yes' or 'no'. Yes, the battery you indicate would be useable as it delviers 3.7V single cell. The problem is that it would not have the connector that we fit to the Protocab batteries. You could remove or bypass the existing socket on the 0502 LCU, and solder the battery directly to the output pins of the socket, but you understand that this would invalidate our guarantee for the 0502 and, because we haven't put that battery through our tests, we would not be able to assure performance with the 0502. 
You mention the micromotor which is rated to 5V. This would work with the 0502 but it is capable of delivering the current at up to 10.8V, so you would need to be careful not to exceed the 5V limit.
There is a solution if you can wait for it! The new 0554 LCU is half the size of the 0502 (see photo below)  and delivers up to 450mA at 5V maximum, the 9611 Contact Charging Unit is a similar size and would likely fit inside your locomotive, and we are looking to source small flat and cylindrical batteries with much smaller sizes (and correspondingly smaller capacities). Importantly, though, these new units will be thoroughly tested and certified to CE/EN  standards so will be guaranteed by us. 20180216_190531.jpg  20180216_190622.jpg 
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Thanks again for your answer. 
For the guarantee it's absolutely clear for me : if I don't use the LCU with the original components it invalidate your guarantee. 
The technical answer is very accurate. Thanks a lot to take time for me.

But ... what a great news! The new 0554 LCU is exactly what I was waiting for! And with a smaller battery it will be very great for our small manoeuver locos like this one :

For me it's not neccessary to have a battery with a lot of power. Small engine = small fuel tank. Protocab is really the best way and the more realistic way to "play with trains"!

Well .. I'm going to put some euros in my socks ... ðŸ˜‡
Thanks again for your answer! 

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Rich Archer
Wow this is all very exciting. Look at the size of that LCU, and that battery! I'm always looking out for really tiny stuff aswell. Even though I model in O gauge I still need the really small stuff.
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Yes Rich I agree with you. I will test it immediatly when I saw it in the shop!😍
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