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This discussion forum is run by Club Protocab, the club for modellers interested or active in the use and development of Acc+Ess Protocab battery power+wireless control.

Club Protocab is managed by Acc+Ess Limited as the means for Acc+Ess to contact modellers who may not yet be customers.

Membership of Club Protocab is free of charge and is automatic for anyone who contacts Acc+Ess from this website's Contact page: (if they opt-in to receive future updates) or by applying to join by post or email or at the Acc+Ess Protocab stand at exhibitions.

Members of Club Protocab can ask to be removed from membership by sending an email to

Acc+Ess sends out a regular newsletter to Club Protocab members providing details of updates, how to use Protocab, hints and tips and members' input.

Alternatively please feel free to join the discussion forum and ask a question or post.

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