There was a good showing of Battery Radio Control Locomotives on show over the two days at Exeter. The group were demonstrating BPRC running on the plain table, this always draws the crowd in, as they want to see how the power is generated, (Kids love having a go at driving on the table surface) A Minerva Pannier was also on show coupled to its Auto-Coach. Lots of visitors thought this is the way forward for the future of model railways, although they also would like sound as a feature. One of our group has already done it with his own BPRC setup.
The Plymouth O Gauge Group were also running a Pannier on there new layout 'Thiswaye' 
Hope this is of interest Chris (
ATB Chris
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Many thanks for your report, Chris, and for your continuing support and encouragement for Protocab and battery power in general. We have a strong following of Owners and prospective Owners in the South West, so we hope to put on a Protocab Convention there very soon, once we have got a wee bit further with the new product developments. Sound is something we are often asked about and we are investigating it actively. The Protocab architecture enables sound to be added along with other auxiliary devices, but there are siginificant technical issues to be addressed in providing sound with a battery powered system, of which more anon.
We've had several very positive comments about the Exeter show, so maybe we can get the Tregorran layout to it next year, along with our trade stand. Here's a video I posted recently on YouTube and Facebook that shows progress on the rolling stock:

All the best
Tony Hagon
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