First I hope you will be able to understand my poor english!

I read carefully your FAQ's about motors and how to evaluate the stall motor.
I would like to change my motor in a HO BB 25500 Lima (1990). It works well (very well in fact) with 902-653040 Protocab large battery 800mAh. But the original motor is a 3-poles motor and I would like to change it with a new one. It do his job and now is soon to retire.

The brushless motors are more powerfull with less energy consumption, but I read that this kind of motor don't work very well with PWM . So I think that a brushes motor will be ok. But, do you have feedback with different brands and power motors and what brand and power motors seems to get the best result with this kind of battery?

Tha,nks for your help.

Best regards.
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Hello 'Kit'!
I think others will judge your English and I am sure that they will agree with me that it is excellent, far better than my French!
Regarding motors, we should first make the difference between 'coreless' motors and 'brushless' motors. There has been considerable discussion that pulse width modulated (PWM) output harms coreless motors and a recent question I received asked if the Protocab system outputs PWM at between 9 and 20Khz, because the questioner had heard that this range was harmful to coreless motors. I was pleased to let him, and now you, know that Protocab operates at a higher frequency than that range and we have successfully used Protocab with a range of coreless motors, as several of our Owners have.
The traditional 3- or 5-pole motors and coreless motors pass current to the armature through electrical connections usually in the form of brushes. A motor without a brush acting on the commutator has to provide the turning action through magnetic means and this requires a completely different type of controller, which Protocab does not yet support.
So the summary is, coreless is usually fine, brushless can't yet be used with Protocab.
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I realise I have not answered your question fully, particularly the last part. It is not an easy answer because there are so many motors that have been used successfully from the beautifully engineers Faulhaber/Portescap to the very inexpensive motors that are available on online auction sites. We have just been testing the pre-production 0554 LCU with a 95p 5V motor from China and it works perfectly! It is a great pity that Mashima motors are now discontinued, they were very good for the price.
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Thanks again for your answer.
I undestand thaht it's not easy to answer. I can find some Mashima motors in France ( or some Mabushi motors like these 
I think I will try a Mabuchi motor like this one
Mabushi motor RS540RH5045-6V / tension is 4,5V to 9,6V with nominal at 6V per 11600RPM and 0,82A couple 14,4 mN and 9660 rpm at 4A
 I think it will be ok with protocab?

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